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The St. Louis Chapter of the NCRS hosts many Corvette related events throughout the year. Many events are related to the NCRS judging of the preserved or restored Corvette but, many more are simply driving and enjoying the tradition of America’s Sports Car. Guests are welcome and encouraged to attend at our Chapter events.

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The National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) in St. Louis is a community of dedicated Corvette lovers. Our objective is the restoration, preservation, history and enjoyment of all Corvette models and configurations.

Join for the cars and stay for the friends!

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NCRS Judging is recognized around the world as THE STANDARD in determining originality. The Judging System is designed to educate each owner about their car as well as providing recognition for excellence in the areas of restoration, performance, or preservation. You can learn to judge through participation. Start out as an observer judge and work your way to Master Judge through the Judges Recognition Program.

NCRS Benefits

NCRS Members benefit from mountains of technical information that they can rely on. When you join the NCRS, you access the combined knowledge of thousands of previous members.

NCRS St. Louis

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The St. Louis Chapter of the National Corvette Restorers Society (NCRS) is comprised of Corvette enthusiasts interested in the preservation and restoration of the Corvette, especially those manufactured between 1953 and 2004.

Join us in celebrating America’s sports car! We meet for dinner on the third Tuesday of each month, conduct Corvette related events throughout the year, and we represent the NCRS at automobile events throughout the St. Louis bi-state area.

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Join us for our Fall chapter judging meet! It will be held on September 30 at Love park located at 2239 Mason Ln., St. Louis, MO 63021.

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